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I do NOT have abandonment issues.

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And I hope you don’t either. I’ve obviously decided to lay off the “blogging” for awhile to focus on my deadlines/my bill paying job. Damn. Life isn’t what I thought it would look like but as the VERY fine DT would say, “It is what it is.”

I will try to update when I remember. It sounds stupid but like I mentioned before, my e-mails, Twitter, and lame ass FB have taken over. To quote another time, this time a specific era, “K.I.T.” The era is circa MY 8th grade year. For the record, I just started to K.I.T. with my peeps from 8th grade. Why you ask? (Or you didn’t, you’re going to get the answer anyways.) Blame it on the Face face face face fa face facebook.  Like I care. Oh, and take care.

Don’t worry. It’s not goodbye. It’s like pressing pause.

I'll miss you. Or will I?


When it snows, it snows.

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The most AWESOME show came on tonight, the E! True Hollywood Story: Basketball Wives. What I learned? Piston’s Jason Maxiell’s wife calls him “Pookie Bootie!” How embarrassing. I hope Rodney Stuckey teases the crap out of him. Stuckey looks like a shit talker. On the other hand, I am now a fan of Maxiell because he “stood by” his (then) fiancé when she was fighting ovarian cancer. He even shaved his head when she went bald. Damn you Maxiell for making this thug cry. I also learned, and no offence but Jason Kidd’s twin daughters have little moustaches. That shit ain’t right Jason. You have mastered the art of shaving your own head bald, maybe it’s time you teach the girls some of daddy’s techniques.

I am sad to report my favorite “warrior” ever Allen Iverson will not be playing in the All-Star game this Sunday. Sounds like an UN-happy Valentine’s day for me. He’s missed a bunch of games now “due to the illness of his three-year-old daughter.” Believe me, I’m sympathetic but I am guilty of dropping Haven off with the folks (when I worked full-time) when she was sick. Missing a bunch of 2 hour games and then the All-Star game must be serious! I hope she’ll be alright and I hope the haters put their hate on hold. Man I wish I was his daughter but not sick…and 18…and incest was legal. Haha, sorry I couldn’t help myself.

So I’m really not into the whole “Twitter” thing but now that I am posting my articles to mine I thought I’d try learning a little more about it. I started “following” Marlon Wayans (for obvious reasons) and today he started this comment-fest over John Mayer’s wiener. In case you didn’t hear apparently John isn’t a racist but his dick is. Priceless. Of course people are too up-tight (as usual) and made a HUGE deal about just voicing his preference. Oh, and he dropped an “N-bomb” which wasn’t cool…but he didn’t mean it in the way the rappers themselves mean it. Get it? Anyways, if you are on Twitter, check out Marlon because that guy is funny as hell. If hell was funny…if there even in a hell…

 Last but certainly not least I would like to say, Happy Black History Month! In honor of Black History Month (Wait, is it “PC” to say black in this instance? I don’t need Al Sharpton on my white ass!) I will continue to make out with my boyfriend, continue to love my attitude wielding teenage daughter, and show you one of the WORST commercials EVER! Actually, I did get a laugh out when I saw it. Mostly because I was embarrassed for them yet, jealous of their paycheck. This commercial to me is like a tampon or a Valtrex ad. You don’t want to be seen in them. You be the judge for yourself…I hope you like R&B…sorta.

We always hang in a Buffalo Stance.

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I don’t know if you noticed but I added Twitter to the side of the page. Yeah…I know, Twitter. Whateves. If you click on the links you can see the Q&A’s I am doing for this paper/online magazine called OC Weekly. I mean if you want. If you don’t go ____ yourself. You can insert your own adjective there. So needless to say I have been keeping busy with this new writing gig but I’ve still been keeping up with the who’s and what’s. That being said (DT); I don’t have anything against Gilbert Arenas or that Crittenton dude (besides that they’re on the Wizards and that is a lame name) but come the eff on NBA!! If I brought a gun to work, I’d be fired on the spot. If a basketball player does drugs he’s out. But these guys were suspended without pay? That’s it? Arenas’s contract is for 111 million dollars!!! So take a half season out of that and hells no. I’m so sick of celebrities getting over on shit that would ruin our lives if it happened to us. On a better basketball note (and besides A.I. looking fine), apparently Greg Oden from the Trailblazers has a big dick. There are “sexy” pictures of this “gas face” man butt ass naked and believe the ones I saw had a HUGE censor sign over the “junk” region. I guess it does pay to get busted with nekkid (as Arsenio would say) pictures on the internet. If I can’t find a full time job soon…you better get your sunglasses. You girl is pale.

I’m sure you’ve all (hopefully) seen “Gino the Ginny” but I had forgotten all about him until Mike brought it up the other day. So funny, he could teach the New Jersey Shore douches some dance moves. I sorta hope you haven’t seen it so I could be the “funny one” who showed you…

Can a Bobcat be sexy??

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Apparently they can be. (I forgot about Raja Bell, damn sexy.) While I am not the hugest fan of twitter, I do check in to see what my Boo Allen Iverson is doing besides looking fine. A few days ago he said he was between three teams, Miami Heat, NY Knicks, and the Charlotte Bobcats. I guess at this point in my own personal A.I. loving career I was hoping of the three, he’d end up in NY. Trust, he’d look good in any color and I don’t care who he plays for, I’m tuning in. Fan of the team or not, I am a die-hard Iverson fan. The point of my explanation of lust? This is part of an article I just read…Dime magazine’s Aron Phillips spoke to an unnamed source that works in the NBA and said that Allen Iverson has worked out the details of a contract with the Charlotte Bobcats, but the deal won’t be official until next week. Yikes. Note to self: Apply for jobs in North Carolina.