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No homo.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. When the Gaykers lose their overly aggressive fans get real SILENT. I enjoy the silence don’t get me wrong, but I like the sound of the fair-weather fans with no noise coming out of their dropped jaws. As Mike would say, “Sorry son!” Haha…he’ll be pissed I used his quote on his own team. Bad girl. Good game. (Insert ass-slap here.)


Today is not my day…

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Say hello to my little...EFF YOU!!!!!

Say hello to my little...EFF YOU!!!!!

Ever have one of those days where you just want to have a pity party table for one? Well Eff you if you say you haven’t liar. Today is my day. Bitter balls I am. Not that sitting in a four hour lecture from 10:30 to 1:30 wasn’t totally stimulating…or the jack asses on the 405 on the way home just learning to drive wasn’t an eye-opening life and changing experience. It is just a combo of that shit plus some all meshed in with the fact that I have a birthday looming. And while my life is quite full, this isn’t exactly what I had pictured. Not just that but, the exhausted feeling is setting in and the weight of the world feels like it’s being carried by me…I know, worlds smallest violin playing right? Whatever. I can’t be “ON” all the time. Sorry to disappoint. To top it off the Gaykers beat the Pistons…although I figured they would since Rasheed, Rip and the only man that would make me happy right now Allen Iverson didn’t play. Oh…and the boys on Making the Band are fighting. Jesus H. CHRISTmas. You’d think I was on my period. I hope tomorrow nobody F’s with me. Pardon my mood. I’m just being honest with you…


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Sorry it took so long for me to post the crappy pictures my camera took. It was great though in person (as always) sitting in a room with two if the finest men alive…Allen and Mike. Yes, Mike was nice enough to go with me this time to see the Clipper’s lose. What? Did you think the Clipper’s would win like the three a-holes in front of us? Rasheed “Alopecia” Wallace didn’t even play, nor did Rip but with Iverson’s guidance…the Pistons prevailed. haha

What did I learn this fine Sunday you ask or didn’t ask? Some people can SUCK IT and I need a new camera.