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I do NOT have abandonment issues.

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And I hope you don’t either. I’ve obviously decided to lay off the “blogging” for awhile to focus on my deadlines/my bill paying job. Damn. Life isn’t what I thought it would look like but as the VERY fine DT would say, “It is what it is.”

I will try to update when I remember. It sounds stupid but like I mentioned before, my e-mails, Twitter, and lame ass FB have taken over. To quote another time, this time a specific era, “K.I.T.” The era is circa MY 8th grade year. For the record, I just started to K.I.T. with my peeps from 8th grade. Why you ask? (Or you didn’t, you’re going to get the answer anyways.) Blame it on the Face face face face fa face facebook.  Like I care. Oh, and take care.

Don’t worry. It’s not goodbye. It’s like pressing pause.

I'll miss you. Or will I?


Is this thing on??

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This is a perfect idea from one of my friends DT. You don’t know him, he’s my old boss. Ok, he isn’t old…I mean he is a past boss of mine. Whatever, you get it. I feel like I need to “get the stress out”, “not keep it bottled up,” “take this pill and you’ll feel like the f-ing sunshine isn’t there to give you cancer,” or how that tranny trash Mariah Carey put it, “shake it off.” What better way then to work it out than here…through words…that you can pretend to be interested in. Life is a walk in the park it seems to some, but they are “special” so F them. I like to think I am a laid back person while I am uptight about some things. Like my 13 year old who is taking the whole “13” thing a little too literal these days. We’ll get into that at some point.

I gotta tell you though. My friends are a funny ass group of people. I notice in my elder years most of my friends are found at work…as this is where most of us spend the most time. Trust me, they did studies on that shit. I have a couple friends that are EXTREMELY hysterical and I will get there permission to post about them later. For now, I’ll just give you a little insite to my life…and how my day goes. It seems like everything happens to me…yes mom, the black clouds follow me. And yeah, I get it. I might have started on a self induced “rocky” (to say the least) start in my later teen years, but now, I have blossomed into a full on Gen X, confused and synical adult.  Watch out now, I’m raising America’s youth….tomorrows President. Oh my god, imagine that, a child of mixed races in the white house. I wonder if “the good” Reverend Al Sharpton would approve because she is sorta black. Yeah I said it. Fuck it.

So I went through what I like to call, “seating arrangement heaven” while in my old position at the company I still work for. Capeesh? Ok, so I sat by these two guys let’s call them…Dr. Brutus and Count Rocula. You know what? F it because when you peep the pure magic of the video you will see their names. Ali+my memory= what is douchey things I say that I would like to take back for $1400 Alex. Kids…methamphetamine have lasting side effects. Not that I know, just this one chick I know told me. FOCUS!! So Britt and Roc (my old cell..err..cube mates) are Olympic contenders for the 2010 fall fashion season in historic Shamokin, Pennsylvania. Oh you didn’t know? Please check out the proof I just happen to have. Not that I keep this link on file but you know…the photography IS phenomenal and all. And YES, I am aware that “DP” stands for other things than director of photography. Sickos you are.