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Always late but worth the wait?

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Here are some articles I wrote for the Dec/Jan issue of OCW magazine. I think if you just click on the picture it will get bigger so you can actually read them. Unless your eyes are THAT good, then disregard. Sorry it’s taken me so long to post them but full-time unemployment is somehow keeping me really busy.

The next issue of OCW is scheduled to go to print on April 1st (a day I personally will be skipping) and I have a bunch of articles in there so if you happen to be in a smoke shop…grab your copy. I did an interview on Tuesday with some pretty inspirational guys named Dennis Peron (writer of Prop 215, activist, and survivor) and Richard Eastman who is an AIDS activist, survivor, and all around spreader of positivity. Say what you will about a plant, but medical marijuana saved their lives. When given an expiration date on your life you should be able to choose how to kill the related pain. As Dennis told me, “When people get high it’s because they were low.”  It was pretty amazing to have the opportunity to talk to them, a little reminder that life ain’t so bad huh? Unfortunately, I have four hours of audio with them and still need to transcribe it. Should be a looonnnggg weekend.

Oh, and something funny. I wrote this article called, “What are they smoking?” I asked if they wanted me to do a new follow up and they told me since they are trying to get a lot of celebrities on board with the magazine, they’d need to approve who I talked shit on. Haha…people are so scared sometimes to let an opinion be heard. Enjoy…

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Oh happy day!

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Wow, I am a total bitch. Allen Iverson’s wife filed for divorce today. Mike better watch his back. KIDDING!! I know you all want to kick my man while he is down but seriously, just be happy for me that now I won’t be lusting in sin. I’m also going to remind myself here that I need to post some articles that I wrote for this magazine called OCW. Not to be confused with OC Weekly. OCW is a medical marijuana magazine of sorts. Money is money folks. And I don’t have the kind of money that Tawanna Iverson will be getting in her divorce settlement. I know it’s wrong but I can’t stop cheesin’.

I got a shoulder you can cry on...a little lower...a little lower...

Just another Manic Monday.

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Where to start…I’ve been lagging I know. We celebrated Mike’s birthday on Saturday and whooo hooo he’s finally 30! Hello my name is Ali and I’m a cradle robber. (Hi Ali!) I also got a little part-time gig at my old school. It should be pretty cool although it isn’t going to be extra money in the end. It will however be extra experience, which works too. I forgot how hard it is to wake up “early” and how the traffic on the 405 in the morning is some bullshit. Good times. I also picked up another freelance writing job for a medical marijuana magazine. Talk about stretching one’s mind. Exactly. Work shit aside…

Erin and I went to see The Bangles last week after I won some tickets on Jill FM. Those bitches sound and look INCREDIBLE and they are 50!!! WTF? Note to self: apply more eye cream. I didn’t realize until we got there I only really know four songs so sitting through the other songs just meant stellar people watching. Which I love and which was excellent as expected. 

I’m still doing the countdown of course, eight days away in case you were wondering. I was so pumped because on NBA TV they air a few preseason games and this Sunday (after sloooooow moving…I mean exciting football) it was my 76ers and the Suns. Awesome right? (At least for me.) Well it turned out to be not so awesome because it was broadcast out of Mexico. Now don’t get me wrong, (Sandra the hater) I love Mexico. I just don’t love that they broadcast the whole game in Spanish. VERY UNCOOL. Not that I think Spanish is uncool…but…when I want to hear the commentary it makes it rather difficult. Although I did love the way they pronounced Stoudemire. They made it seem like he might be related (somehow) to Sonia Sotomayo. Brilliant!

So as you all know basketball is my thing, not baseball. Tonight however, my neighbor is going balls out crazy over the Dodgers/ Phillies game. I decided when he hoots and hollers at whatever the Dodgers are doing; I’d return the favor by doing the exact opposite. Lucky for my eyes…I turned this game on. I always think of baseball players as sloppy fat dudes who are nearing midlife so imagine my surprise when I saw this guy Matt Kemp on the Dodgers!! Hello daddy! I don’t know who he is but I must Google. I’m still not rooting for them though. (No offence Mikey) Not just because of my a-hole neighbor either, because of Jimmy Rollins. Damn…no I’m not switching sports but…damn!