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Technical difficulties.

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YES I am talking to YOU 76ers!!! WTF? As if sitting behind “Heckler McGee” wasn’t bad enough…the 76ers choked like Lamar on his husband Khloe. Yes, Allen brought sexy back (as if it ever left) but then didn’t play the rest of the third and fourth with some knee pain. I wish I could say I caused it. I did however catch a full on view of his upper thigh region in the 3rd…I did mention the awesome seat right? Yeah…that drumstick made the seats behind the 80 year-old a-hole (who thought he was the coach of the Clippers) all worth it. I also happen to be having difficulties with Haven’s camera. Being that I think her camera is better than mine I borrowed hers. Turns out her camera is as shitty as mine. Oh, and her camera cord OF COURSE is not here. So whenever my 14 year old thinks of something other than texting, I will be able to post the crap pictures I took. BOOOOOOOO!!!



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AWESOME game between the favs. Yeah I wish the 76ers won for A.I.’s homecoming…but they couldn’t have lost to a better team. It’s official, it’s going to be a great season. Iverson must be a good luck charm for Iguodala. He killed it in quarters one through three.


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I know I talked a lot of shit when DJ Quik only performed three songs at that concert thing but now I have officially let it slide. Today, (like every other day) I was watching TV and really got a good look at one of the new Foot Locker commercials. It was awesome, a few guys rapping and flossing…haha. So I’m looking at this guy and was thinking he looks an awful like Rashard (Boo) Lewis from the Orlando Magic. After rewinding it a few times, I went to You Tube to investigate. Turns out this most awesome commercial not only features Rashard Boo as Ice-O, it also has Andre Iguodala (as Chief Blokka), Mo Williams (as Fog Raw), and Kevin Durant as Velvet Hoop. Hysterical and oddly enough, The Hyperizer’s are better rappers then most of the shit out today. (T-Pain, Soulja Boy, Drake, and the guy who sings “Birthday Sex,” whatever his name is…I’m talking to all of you.) Well, if you aren’t a fan of the best sport EVER then it might not be that funny to you, but you get the matzo ball I’m throwin’. Quik also makes a cameo looking the best of all in the video so for that, I forgive you. Speaking of forgiveness, thanks to this commercial I forgive Andre Iguodala for only doing the hook and not laying down a verse. I forgive Rashard Lewis for taking a “drug enhancing” pill to help with stamina. Hey, sometimes you can be hot and have penis problems. I get it. I also forgive you Mo Williams on behalf of my new blog buddy who hates neck tattoos. As for Kevin Durant, well he’s off the hook because he looks like my senior prom date. Last but not least, I will forgive you Allen (The Answer to all my dreams) Iverson if you go to the Grizzlies. I think. I’m not a big fan of what I like to call the “fake ass expansion teams,” aka The Grizzlies, The Raptors, The Thunder (from down under), and The Whornets. But hey, he looks good so I will think about it. Ok, forgiven.

And not to be a total You Tube whore BUT…this video deserves an honorable mention. Another example of how editing a bunch of bullshit is better than the “music” that is out today. Fo shizz.