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I have butterflies...I’d like to thank “God” for making it rain today so there was HELLA traffic on the way home from work/school. Luckily I am the “master lane changer” (as I’ve dubbed myself) so I had no problem getting home to get my front row seat. Only 1 year and 364 days and 5 minutes to see him back in that jersey…he’s looking mighty fine out there. But you already knew that because you aren’t blind. Unless someone is reading this posting for you…then your missing out. It’s time for The Answer.


Heyyy nowwwww!!!

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OK, back to life. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN YOU OLD HAG!!! You don’t look a day over 34 you beautiful thing you! Phewww…I feel better now! So, Vegas was fun, fun, fun! Here is the fast forward version. We had a shitty room, got a better room, saw some basketball, missed some basketball, bet on basketball, lost our bets on basketball and played some Wheel of Fortune. Oh, and drank too much. Good times as expected. And our rental car kicked ass, a Dodge Charger. Oh man I loved that car! I never drove it but I loved being the scrub hanging out the passenger side. We made it home in time to get Haven (who was fresh of her cruise to Meh-he-co) and to watch the All Star game. While a televised physical beat down is never good to see, it was really fun to watch Backdoor Bryant put that fake smile on and ball hog while trying soooo f-ing hard in an ALL STAR game just to end up sharing the trophy with the real winner who coincidently wrote a catchy rap tune in his honor. Something about his ass?? Yeah…awesome.

Lastly I must address something that has been on my mind since I heard the news late last week. Allen, baby, sweet love of mine. What the Eff were you thinking? I don’t care what your “wife for now” thinks. You looked better with the braids. You’ll always be #1 (and #3) in my heart, it’s just, well….ummm…cut me some slack. I am still processing this.