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I know I talked a lot of shit when DJ Quik only performed three songs at that concert thing but now I have officially let it slide. Today, (like every other day) I was watching TV and really got a good look at one of the new Foot Locker commercials. It was awesome, a few guys rapping and flossing…haha. So I’m looking at this guy and was thinking he looks an awful like Rashard (Boo) Lewis from the Orlando Magic. After rewinding it a few times, I went to You Tube to investigate. Turns out this most awesome commercial not only features Rashard Boo as Ice-O, it also has Andre Iguodala (as Chief Blokka), Mo Williams (as Fog Raw), and Kevin Durant as Velvet Hoop. Hysterical and oddly enough, The Hyperizer’s are better rappers then most of the shit out today. (T-Pain, Soulja Boy, Drake, and the guy who sings “Birthday Sex,” whatever his name is…I’m talking to all of you.) Well, if you aren’t a fan of the best sport EVER then it might not be that funny to you, but you get the matzo ball I’m throwin’. Quik also makes a cameo looking the best of all in the video so for that, I forgive you. Speaking of forgiveness, thanks to this commercial I forgive Andre Iguodala for only doing the hook and not laying down a verse. I forgive Rashard Lewis for taking a “drug enhancing” pill to help with stamina. Hey, sometimes you can be hot and have penis problems. I get it. I also forgive you Mo Williams on behalf of my new blog buddy who hates neck tattoos. As for Kevin Durant, well he’s off the hook because he looks like my senior prom date. Last but not least, I will forgive you Allen (The Answer to all my dreams) Iverson if you go to the Grizzlies. I think. I’m not a big fan of what I like to call the “fake ass expansion teams,” aka The Grizzlies, The Raptors, The Thunder (from down under), and The Whornets. But hey, he looks good so I will think about it. Ok, forgiven.

And not to be a total You Tube whore BUT…this video deserves an honorable mention. Another example of how editing a bunch of bullshit is better than the “music” that is out today. Fo shizz.


Can a Bobcat be sexy??

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Apparently they can be. (I forgot about Raja Bell, damn sexy.) While I am not the hugest fan of twitter, I do check in to see what my Boo Allen Iverson is doing besides looking fine. A few days ago he said he was between three teams, Miami Heat, NY Knicks, and the Charlotte Bobcats. I guess at this point in my own personal A.I. loving career I was hoping of the three, he’d end up in NY. Trust, he’d look good in any color and I don’t care who he plays for, I’m tuning in. Fan of the team or not, I am a die-hard Iverson fan. The point of my explanation of lust? This is part of an article I just read…Dime magazine’s Aron Phillips spoke to an unnamed source that works in the NBA and said that Allen Iverson has worked out the details of a contract with the Charlotte Bobcats, but the deal won’t be official until next week. Yikes. Note to self: Apply for jobs in North Carolina.

Shame shame

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the House Ho’s of Hotlanta!! I am not ashamed to say it. To be fair, I have been hooked on all the “House Ho’s” no matter what city they are in. HOOKED. That being said (DT), there is something that is really bothering me about a particular member of the Hotlanta cast. I heard Gayle King (BFF of Oprah) say on some “after the show” type of show that she thought Nene and Lisa were the most “real” of the cast. Nene, ok I see that. Bitch tells it like it is, she’s my fav too. But Lisa?? Are you f-ing kidding me? This bitch (bitch in a bad way, NWA accent) has the nerve to say after going to a fertility doctor to have yet ANOTHER kid, she’s worried about having a baby after 35. HA! How about having baby number FOUR when your over 35? Oh what? When Lisa said she’s the mother of a newborn you didn’t realize that was her THIRD newborn? Turns out Lisa, little miss judgmental, lying, bankrupt baby bag actually has two other kids (11 and 14) with the one and only Keith Sweat. The former Mrs. Sweat aka Lisa Wu (tang) Hartwell lost custody of her kids in 2003 because of the judge felt, “the children lacked structure in their lives, due in substantial part to mother’s numerous business ventures and frequent trips out of town … mother has a history of spending money on herself excessively rather than providing for the children … There was some evidence at trial that mother implicitly participated in robbing father in the presence of the children. She also took money from father prior to the initiation of this matter. This behavior causes the Court to question mother’s maturity and judgment.” WOW. You are so fake you are worse than Kim’s boob job. Listen up Gayle King, BFF of Oprah, YOU ARE TRIPPIN!!! Yes it’s true her other two kids aren’t shown because Keith Sweat won’t sign a waiver, but really Lisa. You could mention your kids. Don’t front like you waited so long to have kids with Ed and fronting like you are a new mom. You just want your kids now to exploit them on TV for your benefit like always, right Lisa? You can then have a more prominent role in the “House Ho” enterprise and spend the money on you instead of your kids like usual right? Maybe you should have invested in your now numerous bankrupt business ventures. Planning is everything…unless your BFF is Oprah. Lisa, you may be pretty in the face but you are beyond ugly to me. BEYOND. Pathetic.

You can tell I’m old….

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HEY!!! Not by the wrinkles around my eyes!! How dare you! So I was on the computer last night right after my kiddo and low and behold, she left something up on the screen. She seems really into looking up lyrics; just like I used to be so at first I thought it was a song. Back in my day however, I used to have to rewind the tape on my player over and over to figure out what the Eff Slick Rick was saying and simultaneously jot down the words. Ahhh memories. Anyways, this document was actually a poem, not a song. When I read it I immediately thought, this was TOTALLY written by a teen. GOLD STAR for me, it was written by MY teen, an assignment for English class. Speaking of English, be sure to take note of the end. So cute. It’s one more reminder of how old I feel…well, not quite as old as Erin, but old nonetheless. Turns out the key to my success in keeping my child alive is music. Who knew?

Ode to Music.


Oh music oh music.

How I love you so.

You lift me up when I am sad.

You keep me cool when I am mad.


You have totally amazing tunes.

There are so many different kinds.

Hip-hop, country. Rock, && pop.

I never want to turn my I-pod off.


Oh music oh music.

I can’t live with out you.

If you weren’t around,

I might just be berried in the ground.

Oh music oh music.

Flying Crips Forever

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Rest in peace Mr. Nevill.

Although we were quite an odd pairing, you were one of my closet friends.

I can think of plenty more people who deserved this more than you.

Life is so unfair sometimes.

I miss you already.

Me and my Mofo

Me and my Mofo