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Happy Earth Day!

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I don’t know about you, but Earth Day really puts me in the mood. (Not really, just go with it.) I mean, Mother Nature made today’s Earth Day wet, dry, warm, cold, and windy for us! All of that change may make you want to change partners. I get it. If you do choose to get down on this lovely day that is Earth Day, please be “geared up.” Because much like the weather today, sometimes you never be too prepared. Lucky for you (not for me, I’m not as promiscuous as you) Red Eye (via my Flip camera) has brought you a service that is there to help. The moral? Happy Earth Day and don’t catch VD. Wait….what?


Don’t judge a book….

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While I don’t agree with 99% of what the Fox News channel says I do LOVE the late night “news” program Red Eye. The host Greg Gutfeld is HYSTERICAL with witty delivery that Pizza Hut could take lessons from. I don’t know if he writes his own material and I don’t care. The shit is good. Every night he does a “Greg-alogue” that is reminiscent of an old Dennis Miller’s rant…they’re awesome. Regardless of what you think of the channel the show Red Eye is on, you MUST check it out at least once. Believe me there is something for every viewer on this show. Every night he shares the table with his gay sidekick Bill, “TV’s own” Andy Levy, hot smart chicks, politicians, rock stars, movie/TV stars, and comedians. One particular comedian I have developed a little “Red Eye crush” on, Jim Norton. Something about those squinty little eyes. Anyway, check it out if you are awake like me at midnight (CA time) or if you have TiVo (DT). You’ll be hooked.


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It’s DEXTER!!! If you don’t have Showtime you are a fool. Dexter is easily the best thing since sliced 6 Feet Under on HBO. Did that make sense? Who cares? If you are not watching Dexter you best be catching up. Tonight was a crazy TV night because not only did Dexter premiere (FINALLY) on Showtime, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Californication gave new material!! WTF?? What is an unemployed girl to watch?? Thanks to my DVR (DT) I can watch ALL of them and all I can say is, INVEST! Get your hot ass HBO and Showtime! You are a crack head (with a life) if you don’t. Really…Dexter…I was worried about my sanity until you came along. I don’t want to ruin anything if you happen to be cool and already watch Dexter BUT… John Lithgow?? Making it interesting for mama. I likey. Can a chick get a woody?

Day 8.

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No, I’m not talking Hanukkah. I am talking this mofo-ing illness I have. Seriously, it’s been eight days since I left my house. Whatever this knock off swine flu crap is I have includes this amazing “tunnel hearing” and it s-u-c-k-s. Not that watching TV from my bed/couch for over a week isn’t just the greatest…it just really isn’t. I mean, I’m all caught up on every show I ever wanted to be and if any of you have a question about ANY show, I’m your gal. Not that I’d be able to hear if you asked me. You know, I guess I should just be happy I am alive at this point right? It pretty much seems like everyone is dropping like flies. Ed McMahon, Farrah, MJ, and now Billy Mays? Shit is crazy. If it happens in three’s and Billy Mays just died, does this mean there will be two more? I almost feel like I should start a betting pool as to which the next two will be! Oh and soooo shocking to see wormy ass “Rev” Al Sharpton and disgraceful Jesse Jokeson slinking out of the woodworks to get their “15 minutes” on after MJ died. You two guys are the most PATHETIC “men” I have ever come across to pass judgment on. If the rule is true and it does happen in threes, you two a-holes get my vote.

It’s gotta be the shoes…

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I believe Salt-N-Pepa said it best, “Aww yeah, aww yeah!” Good job Magic. Although I don’t care about your team too much, I do care for Rashard Boo. Really, I just want the lame flag flying to stop. It’s hard to concentrate on the road when I’m rolling my eyes at your eyesore.

Weeds started last night and it was AWESOME!! I hope you are all following along with it and are caught up so you knew “WTF” was going on. Doug as usual stole the show for me. Kevin Nealon is a comedic genius. Nurse Jackie premiered afterwards and it is officially my new favorite show. This bitch is crazy and totally unexpected. That’s all I will say so I don’t ruin it because you HAVE to watch it. I swear I’m becoming more TV obsessed the older I get. Maybe agoraphobic people really just want to stay home and watch the House Ho’s of New Jersey?

Something off subject I was wondering if someone could explain to me please (inspired by watching another goodie, The First 48). If a man is sentenced to back-to-back life because he brutally killed two people, has zero possibility of parole EVER, is being held in a “high security” prison because he is at risk of hurting other inmates…WHY DO WE NOT KILL HIM?? Why should we pay for this a-hole to breathe, have a pen pal, or even take a shit? We pay for his toilet paper! You can’t tell me with the science we have these days there is any possibility that he is in someway innocent and it will someday come to light that he didn’t really commit two counts of murder. And he’s NEVER going to get out of jail so why is he alive? Really…I can’t wrap my over active mind around it!

So I only have to show face for like 11 hours at school now since I am winding down the “school phase” of life. I am heavy on the job prowl so if you know of anything…hey, it never hurts to ask. 

It’s like I am on mute…

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I haven’t done much to write about really…unless you want to hear about basketball. I didn’t think so and I don’t really want to get into the loss the Pistons took this morning anyways. On a side note, I miss Allen. It’s ALMOST no fun watching.

I did however just get some pretty exciting news from Tara Grace, host of “The Men’s Dugout” on AM 830. (Angel’s baseball radio) I can now officially add Assistant Producer to my resume because I came up with the show questions for one of the guests. I guess all of those “Employee Spotlights” just paid off for me. I never thought I’d say thank you to ST but…naw, never mind.

I did also want to give a BIG congrats G on becoming an Auntie (Or Ontie as Haven’s peeps would say) for the second time! I can’t wait to see pictures of little Brody! I’ve got nothing much else to say for now. I am glad I don’t go to school on Monday’s because it’s like I have a 3-day weekend all the time. I just wanted to rub that in…


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My good buddy Roc, aka Rock out with your cock out, aka Jesus Rock (Kanye accent), aka Lil Man Taint put me on to this video. I am just going to post it and not rant on basketball. Yes, you’re lucky. I have many choice words for the Celtics the other night that aren’t suitable for even you. Trust me, it could get ugly. So here is this funny ass video. Everyone is talking about it so if you haven’t heard of this little drugged-out hot mess of a child named David…well…then you are as lame as the Gaykers.

PS- I still haven’t figured out how to upload my wanna-be-mix. A little help please??