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No homo.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. When the Gaykers lose their overly aggressive fans get real SILENT. I enjoy the silence don’t get me wrong, but I like the sound of the fair-weather fans with no noise coming out of their dropped jaws. As Mike would say, “Sorry son!” Haha…he’ll be pissed I used his quote on his own team. Bad girl. Good game. (Insert ass-slap here.)


Here’s to you Mom! (Insert glasses clinking here)

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Have a great mother’s day mom’s. I seriously hope you don’t have to do shit to today. I on the other hand have plenty of “shit” to do…including taking a drive to Compton (otherwise thuggishly known as “The CPT”) in the morning. Hopefully I don’t come back pregnant. Enjoy the day!

Way to go Sammy!!!

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76ers’ Dalembert honored

(Via The Professional Basketball Writers Association on Monday named 76ers center Samuel Dalembert as the recipient of the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award for 2009-10.

The award, named for the NBA’s second commissioner, honors an NBA player or coach for “outstanding service and dedication to the community.”

Dalembert was honored for his efforts after a devastating earthquake hit his native country, Haiti, on Jan. 12. Dalembert twice visited Haiti, raised awareness for relief, and donated $100,000 to UNICEF.

“What Samuel has done should be a model for all professional athletes,” said Doug Smith of the Toronto Star, president of the writers’ association, in a news release. “He saw a crying need for help and worked tirelessly to give whatever aid he could while spurring others to act and contribute as well.”

In 2007, Dalembert founded the Samuel Dalembert Foundation, which assists Haiti by teaming with UNICEF, the Red Cross, and Feed the Children.

Happy 2 1/2 day weekend?

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I’ve totally been M.I.A. huh? Well, with the midlife crisis birthday behind me and with bitterness in my heart that Jews didn’t get a 1/2 day on Friday, I wish you a happy Easter. Wait for “him” to rise and look for eggs…seriously…WTF???

Always late but worth the wait?

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Here are some articles I wrote for the Dec/Jan issue of OCW magazine. I think if you just click on the picture it will get bigger so you can actually read them. Unless your eyes are THAT good, then disregard. Sorry it’s taken me so long to post them but full-time unemployment is somehow keeping me really busy.

The next issue of OCW is scheduled to go to print on April 1st (a day I personally will be skipping) and I have a bunch of articles in there so if you happen to be in a smoke shop…grab your copy. I did an interview on Tuesday with some pretty inspirational guys named Dennis Peron (writer of Prop 215, activist, and survivor) and Richard Eastman who is an AIDS activist, survivor, and all around spreader of positivity. Say what you will about a plant, but medical marijuana saved their lives. When given an expiration date on your life you should be able to choose how to kill the related pain. As Dennis told me, “When people get high it’s because they were low.”  It was pretty amazing to have the opportunity to talk to them, a little reminder that life ain’t so bad huh? Unfortunately, I have four hours of audio with them and still need to transcribe it. Should be a looonnnggg weekend.

Oh, and something funny. I wrote this article called, “What are they smoking?” I asked if they wanted me to do a new follow up and they told me since they are trying to get a lot of celebrities on board with the magazine, they’d need to approve who I talked shit on. Haha…people are so scared sometimes to let an opinion be heard. Enjoy…

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CD Reviews Page 1

CD Reviews Page 2

Kids these days. Part 2

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This is a picture of the actual card that my 14-year-old (Haven aka Pooh Bear…but not around her friends!) wrote me for Valentine’s Day. (Mug aka Angel, is the dog.) Feeling the love…mixed with the sarcasm. Chip off the old block eh?

Kids these days. Part 1

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A couple of years ago Mike and I went to some celebrity basketball game in L.A. During a time-out I noticed this kid with some pretty sick dance moves. I wasn’t sure about posting this video because I don’t know how I’d feel about someone posting a video of my kid. But with moves like this, his mom should be making money off of him. Especially at the end…I believe the kids (and Britt) would say, LMAO. I can’t believe I just typed that, I feel so ashamed.