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Help me help you help me.

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First and foremost, good f-ing job Nuggets with your stellar win over the New Whorleans Whornets. 101 too 88?? Haha…that’s a beat down I can back! The 76ers didn’t let me down either beating the lame ass Timberwolves. Sooo glad the game was in Philly instead of in the T-wolves arena because their wolf chants are unbearable and should be embarrassing for them. If I gave a shit about them I’d be embarrassed for them. I’m just saying. The Suns game kicked ass too beating the Mormon Jazz…good night for b-ball folks.

So, I’m working on a commercial for school, a minute long spot that is for any product. I of course thought of Viagra because again, I’m not the most mature 24 year old ever. Shut up Erin. After I got it semi together I thought maybe a better idea would be a commercial for Maury Povich, aka MoPo. I loves me some Maury. He is my old man crush…him and Letterman. It’s the cute little v-neck sweaters he wears so well. Haha…Connie is a lucky lady. Anyways, I am having a bit of commercial writers block. They are both pretty funny although the assignment doesn’t require them to be funny…I don’t know why not though. There are some “funny folks” at my school believe that. I figured what better time to create a poll! Whoo hoo, time to get on the pole…err…poll. So help a bitch out…I’m also taking suggestions. Keep in mind; the paper clearly states it “must be in good taste.” It’s funny because they actually have to write that for sick bitches like me. Your welcome ARB.


Addition to the list…

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So FINALLY I found the perfect tattoo. Well, I think it is and I just wanted to try out a poll so here we go. Yes, this counts as #3 (A.I.) on a holiday list if there are any takers on contributing. I’ve been looking for years on how to translate my name to Hebrew so I can get it tattooed on my inner left wrist…where my watch would cover it in case I see my grandma or something. So my name doesn’t translate and I couldn’t think of any “meaningful” words to display so I kinda gave up hope. Until today. DA DA DAAAAAA!!!(Dramatic music.) I was looking up name meanings because I found this tote bag that my Grandma would love. So this company will put your name on it and then tell you what it means under the name. Turns out Grandma Babe’s name doesn’t mean shit so I searched out a few other names. While on my search I happened to check out Michael. Its meaning says it comes from the Hebrew name Mikha’el which means, “Who is like God?” WTF? Ok, so this is awesome because no one I know questions God more than I do. PLUS, get ready for this one…my middle name is Mikael. Haha…my dad says it is pronounced like Michael because he wanted me to be a boy, obviously. My Jewier side of the family (my real mom’s family) says it is pronounced Mikha’el like Gorbachev. Gross…yet an interesting twist. Now to the point…I have figured out my tattoo. While I HATE my middle name because as if it wasn’t bad enough being born on April 1st, they had to give me a middle name of a man. Turns out 33 err…24 years later, and when it’s written in Hebrew…it ain’t half bad! I hate it when my dad is right. So first poll I am creating is for the tattoo. Now that you got the quick version of the meaning and the meaning to me…what do you think? Oh, and no. I won’t get it tattooed all blurry and pixilated. Smart asses.