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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted in alinotalli with tags , on November 27, 2009 by ali

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. I mean, since you need to set aside one particular day to be thankful and all…


Help a girl out.

Posted in alinotalli on October 29, 2009 by ali

I am drawing a complete blank this year on a costume for Halloween. It’s unusual really because I love Halloween! It’s never hard to come up with a winner so WTF is my problem? I guess at 34 I am thinking comfort over slutty so I decided to Bing “costume ideas.” I came across a website where people submit their funny ideas for witty costumes. Some were so great in fact I wanted to show you them just in case you too are struggling like me.

Bad School Picture– Use a piece of poster board or a cardboard box to create a large frame that will fit around your head and upper body. Wear some shabby clothes and make your face and hair look as ugly as possible, i.e., pimples, bad make-up, etc. Optional: Fashion a fake retainer out of wire.  (Submitted by Liana)

Grim Rapper- Wear a grim reaper costume, but accessorize with baggy pants, gold teeth, thick gold chains and a radio on your shoulder. (Submitted by Letty)

Ghoul Gone Wild- Dress up like a zombie, but wear a fake “chest” under your outfit, and flash at will. (Submitted by Stef)

You get the idea. I’m just here to help. And so is…