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Two for the price of one.

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Music to a Jew’s ears!! Look, I had a crappy day but then and I came home to check my e-mail and to my surprise, I saw something great. What is this greatness you ask? The 76ers get to select 2nd overall in the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery! Watch out now!! If there is a god I will get another great e-mail saying that Elton “Fat Neck” Brand has been traded. Hey, a girl can dream that this night will end on a good note!

My beautiful friend Kelly sent me some scandalous and riDICulous videos this week-end and I thought, I shouldn’t be the only one with these crazy ass videos stuck in the head. The boys (I pray they are “of age”)  should be ashamed of themselves, respetitively. Especially the skinny humping guys with the “gangsta” names.  Haha, I’m guessing they are gay because I don’t think straight dudes would all get together in one room and do this. In that case…they should switch up their ummm…techniques.

Prepare to be dazzled…especially by grey sweatpants guy in the newest made-up dance. Apparently you have to have a Youtube account to view this repulsive…I mean sexy thrustastic video. This guy breaks it down. I’m backing it up.


Here’s to you Mom! (Insert glasses clinking here)

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Have a great mother’s day mom’s. I seriously hope you don’t have to do shit to today. I on the other hand have plenty of “shit” to do…including taking a drive to Compton (otherwise thuggishly known as “The CPT”) in the morning. Hopefully I don’t come back pregnant. Enjoy the day!

“That’s cool with me it’s not my favorite but I’ll do it for you.” Tenacious D

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Working full-time and getting VERY little sleep is my newest excuse for not updating on a regular. I guess Twitter and stupid ass Facebook have taken over and made it easier to communicate. I mean, you say what’s on your mind and bounce! With a blog…you save it up and puke it out. Gotta change with the times huh?

I thought since I have pretty much nothing to say at this point in the day (besides I hope the Lamekers lose) I’d just post some reviews that OCW Magazine has up on their website. I still haven’t seen the magazine in person and I REALLY hope they post all of my articles on-line….we shall see. Right now there are four on there. Here are the three reviews and maybe you can guess which one is the forth. I like games. And bacon. Just thought you’d like to know.