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Trying not to bite my nails…

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Can you get kicked out for flashing?

Yes it’s true. Thanks to Mike (and to the Jews “killing” Jesus…simmer down, I’m only kidding.) I got 76ers tickets for Christmas. Where are my most amazing tickets to see dreamy Allen Iverson and the rest of my boys take on the lame Clippers? (No offense Ernie.) Four rows behind the 76ers bench!!! What an awesome way to end a very difficult 2009. Should be a good game too since it’s the 6ers (duh) and because last time they played it went into over-time. I’m going to try to sneak down so I can give A.I. a “good game” smack on the ass. Don’t worry; I’ll bring my camera.

I also wanted to mention that the NBA’s new advertising campaign is KICK ASS. I mean, we all know it’s “where amazing happens” but now, it’s also where defense happens. (Unless you are the Sacramento Kings right now getting stomped on by Philly!) I hope there are a lot more commercials to come because it’s also where flying happens, where acting happens, where puberty happens…the possibilities are endless. Call me if you need ideas. I happen to have some free time. Just not tomorrow. 


And to all a good night.

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Wowza! Mommy wants to kiss that Santa!! Who wouldn't??

UH!! Double up, UHH! UHH!

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J.R. Smith…or Earl, whatever you want to be called. I’m going to call it. AMAZING game totally highlight worthy. I’ll let the clip do the talking.

I said it before and I’ll say it again…

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Red Eye on Fox News (don’t judge) is OFF THE HOOK!! If you are a night owl like me you really should put the views of the Fox News Network aside and check this show out. It’s like news for dummies but you really do learn about the news dummy. It just so happens to be delivered in a hysterical way. Lately they have been playing with a lot of computer animation trying to keep up with Japan’s crazy ass videos with “current events” acted out by computer people. Keep up the good work “Sergeant Wrinkle.” (For all you Red Eye beginners, that’s what Greg Gutfeld has named the wrinkle that hangs over his nose.)

To each his own.

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 This picture looks fine to me...

When I was 5 years old my parents made me go to Sunday school at the Temple. I’m sure it sucked like a church Sunday school; it’s the same thing for all you Christ-e’s. Anyways, our teacher asked us to draw a picture of what we thought God looked like and to draw something “he” created. Being a 5-year-old I drew someone who resembled Ernie (Bert’s lover) next to a wishing well. After the drawings were finished the teacher came around and held up each of our pictures…then ripped them up. One by one she ripped them saying, “That’s not God. God is alllll around you and doesn’t have a face.” Why am I taking you on a walk down eff’ed up childhood lane? Because today I read an article that is as shocking as it is amazing in 2009. An 8-year-old boy was sent home from school after asked to “draw a picture that reminds him of CHRISTmas” because he drew a crucifix. Not just that though, he was told to undergo psychological evaluation. WTF is wrong with people? Who the F says what that vision looks like to you in your mind? Is that not a form of brainwashing?? Oddly enough I was behind some white-trash guy in a pick-up truck with a sticker on the back that said, “There is no Christmas without Christ.” Ironic. Check out the video here… un-f-ing believable. I wonder what the school would have done if he had drawn this….

What?? Is it still too soon?

However you spell it…

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Have a happy one my fellow chosen peeps!!

Dutty Ayeeee.

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That’s “reggae” talk for Sean Paul is f-ing HOT!! DAMN!!! Thank you Live Nation for the free tickets. You might laugh at me for being all into the “freebie” websites but this bitch got free concerts tickets. Sharon and I went to see fine ass Sean Paul slow wind at the House of Blues (Downtown Disney) and unfortunately it was a 16 and over show so needless to say we were the most mature there. You know what they say, 16 will get ya 20! Trust there was no one worthy anyways unless you count SP. It was a great show but I must say I’m sorry to the Nuggets. I see without my visual support you lost to the lame ass Bobcats. I’d check out the highlights but this girl is still high on not only the smell in the air at the House of Blues…but on Sean Paul. BOODI BAH BAH! (That’s “reggae” talk for I’m out…)