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OK, I rush home from school (as fast as the shitty 405 south at 6pm will allow me) so I can at least catch the end of the 76ers game. For what you ask? To be disappointed. WTF guys? This is the f-ing Playoffs!! Don’t let the performance by the Whorenets the other night distract your goal. And at home? Dileo? You need me to lay down the law…errrr…pep talk the guys?? Anyways, here is a pretty accurate picture of what I looked like after rushing home to see this crap game and the elbow Superbitch Dwight Howard threw.  You better get suspended Superdouche Howard. No bueno. I guess we all get a little distracted…
Sixers...we need to talk.

Sixers...we need to talk.


Speaking of public humiliation….

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I bet the Whorenets want to be in these shoes...

I bet the Whorenets want to be in these shoes...

Oh we weren’t? Well I am. The Nuggets game isn’t over but the announcer just said, “With eight minutes still left in the fourth, I am wondering if the Hornets will score another point at all!” OUCH!!! There is nothing like a good beat down especially if the team winning is a fav. THIS GAME ROCKS!!! Are those tears Posey??

Not only does this kick ass game make my day but also today Erin, Karina (Nor Cal friend) and I went to see Chelsea Lately up in L.A. It was pretty cool; the audience warm-up guy was hysterical. Brody something…I gotta google that one. The guest was Vivica A. Fox and she looked pretty bloated folks. More like a sausage shoved in a small casing. Not a good look from the chest down. She was there to promote a show (a reality show, shocker) called Cougar or something. Whoever made up that word should be smacked. The show she was talking about looked as bad as her dress. Serious, she borrowed it from Barbie knowing she is more like an American Girl. No bueno.

UPDATE: 5:22 left in the 4th 113-55 and the announcer just said, “I almost need a calculator to find out how many points the Nuggets are up.” By the way, the WORST loss in Playoff history. Good job Thuggets!

Uhhh, double up! Uhhh! Uhhh!

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Gaykers 86 – Mormon Jazz 88

Now shut the eff up about the 76ers loss last night.



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This just made my f-ing day. Thank you DT for sending this most awesome clip my way!!  Here goes the back-story…you all know how much I hate Binnece. She’s an idiot. I had to opportunity to see this horrific be-otch live many, many years ago when Destiny’s Child opened for Boyz II Men. Hey…the tickets were free. So needless to say Binnece was HORRIBLE. Totally off key…totally garbage. It’s nice to see there are some things that don’t change. I guess Binnece has a song called “If I were a Boy” that she stole from a 21 year-old BLIND songwriter named BC Jean who is from San Diego. Not very “Christian” of you Binnece. Tisk-tisk. Any who, I guess Howard (is the man) Stern got a hold of some audio when Binnece “performed” this lame ass song at the Today Show. If you were a boy Binnece, I still wouldn’t like you. You’d still be a bad singer and I think you would have still fallen down the stairs at that concert. Why? Karma bitch.

Enjoy the uhh…sound that is Binnece singing live

UPDATE: I suspected this audio was altered a bit because some of the effects I heard sound similar to what I am working with at school. Of course the guy who altered this came out with a video claiming his 10 minutes of fame. THAT BEING SAID (If I may quote DT), I have personally heard this bizznatch sing live and she sounded this bad. And either way it’s still funny. That’s my word son. Yeah son.

Ciara should feel embarrassed by her new video.

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 Monday is a good day. Well…it’s not all good but I did get to catch Maury today and what an episode it was. Thanks to MoPo, I bring you the quote of the year. I can’t make this shit up.

Jon Edda, I apologize for not being there for your son. I promise from now on, when I come through imma be there for my son and not just to get some.” Sydney (aka Sid Love, “The ladies and the men’s threat.”)

Yesterday was a KICK ASS basketball day!! The 76ers and the Nuggets are up one so now we just need to work on the Pistons. I know it wont happen but what if…the Pistons won and A.I. got his ring when he wasn’t even playing?? Haha…that would be crazy.

Ok, back to watching the Super Sweet 16 marathon. Eazy-E’s daughter is a straight up bitch. Hey don’t judge. I am like 15 on my days off! Have fun at work.

I love the 80’s!!

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So while looking for a new CD to review (story to follow) I stumbled upon this game on MSN. Don’t ask me how I got there but it happened. This game is on 80’s music trivia and who doesn’t love a little trivia?? Am I right? Here is the link…play at your leisure. I posted my score below; I challenge you to beat it. I was on a mutha f-ing roll son! Yeaaah son!

Your score: 47,740 (And when it says “yours” it means mine! I just wanted to back up my skills.) Enjoy.

 Now…fun stuff aside. I got a call from the magazine today telling me I needed to pick another CD to review because someone already did mine. I didn’t realize Day 26 was so important. My bad Diddy! I’m really bummed because I thought it was such a great article. Now I am on the prowl for a new one…I am at a loss. I thought the review deserves a reading so I am posting it here. A Jew is just trying to save you all the money. Again, I am sorry Diddy. I hope you enjoy it. I know my new friend Marrrcuusss will hate it. My sentiments exactly. I’m talking about the Day 26 album that is…


Artist: Day 26

Album: Forever in a Day

Making The Band’s group Day 26 sophomore endeavor is an obvious attempt at a great R&B album but great…it is not. On Forever In A Day the guys showcase their talent as a legitimate group and keep guest appearances to a minimum, which is refreshing. And don’t get me wrong, they all sing like angels but the addition of the played-out auto tune and collaborating with the over-used T-Pain really disappoints. The track Babymaker is just plain gross too. Good thing Jermaine Dupri was on hand to save the day with Need That. Other notable tunes are…umm…none of them.

2, 6, 8…I need to play the lotto.

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AWWW YEAHHHH!! I know, I know…I should be sad it’s the last night of the regular basketball season but tonight’s games were unreal I can’t help it. OT with the Pistons losing because they don’t have Allen (shut up) and the 76ers sitting in #6 after the kick ass OT win against the Cavs. Yeah I know, weak sauce that the Cavs starting line up didn’t play and it was still a race to the finish but really. It was an AMAZING race to the finish!! And lets talk about some crazy shots. Holy shit…I know the Nuggets lost (BADLY) but Kenyon did this dunk that was out of nowhere. I found the clip because it is a MUST SEE but the quality of the video blows and you can’t see how fine as wine he is but you’ll get the point. OK…I am off to curl up into the fetal position and cry that I wont be able to watch b-ball until next week. And I guess you can just be happy there won’t be basketball talk for a few days huh? What has become of my life?? F-it…GO 76ers GO!! I hope we kick your punk asses Orlando. Well, Rashard isn’t a punk ass but you know…

As promised…the play of the night. At least for me.