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Yeah yeah…

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Ok, I am totally lagging. I only have one excuse. Life. I have been getting into this editing program that I am learning from school (and one awesome friend at school gave me the bootleg copy) and I am boarder line obsessed. Not like I am with b-ball…but close. I am learning what it takes to make a mixed CD in my spare time. I am pretty impressed and when I see Mike bob his head, I can tell he is too. Kudos! Other than that, there is nothing too exciting going on unless you want to hear about me getting my taxes done. I didn’t think so. 30 seconds left in the Pistons game…they are SOOO going to win. Nice “wolf call” sound effect d-bag Timberwolves. I wonder if it will howl in pain when the Tim’s loose. And FYI haters…Allen started and finished.

I am going to cut this short just so I can post this link. This awesome friend I was speaking of earlier had me listen to this “Virtual Barber Shop” and it is equally as awesome. I promise there is nothing that will jump out and scare you. Haven even heard it so it’s kid approved. You don’t really have to close your eyes but you do have to put your headphones on or you can’t hear it properly. Super cool…like the silence of the wolf.


Ahh, Buh-Bye!

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First of all, Happy MLK day! It seems only people at my old job had to work today. Sorry to hear that…really I am. Not to rub it in but I spent most of the day in my PJ’s…watching the greatest sport on earth, basketball. Hey, yesterday Mike had me watching football all f-ing day, so today was MY day! The glorious night didn’t end how I wanted it to but I now have my mind on other things. I am giddy for tomorrow to come. Time to peel off my Bush hating sticker and get in the groove with our new and improved president…f-ing finally!!!

See-ya Bitch...I mean Bush!

See-ya Bitch...I mean Bush!

Elvis…leave the f-ing building already!!!

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Yes, an Elvis reference. I’m just trying to keep you on your toes. My day was filled with fear, the magazine, and Elvis. Let me explain. On the way to school the mag called to tell me today was the day I have an appointment to learn about kite boarding so I could write a “first hand” article. Yeah, I looked up that shit and mama don’t likey. So while at school doing my “boring ops” I was totally freaked out thinking about getting in that water and ultimately dying in a freak kite-boarding accident. Luckily, (I hope you can see the sarcasm) I had Elvis to take my mind off of it. See, Elvis was a CD I played today for an hour straight. 20 glorious tracks of “The King.” Stupid me, I thought “The King” was Lebron James. My bad. Anyways, the boredom sets in and I start wondering, why the hell does Elvis have so many die-hard fans? Seriously, 20 songs…2 made me tap my toes. 18…well, they made me take my headphones off. Way off. Maybe people loved Elvis because of the way it made them feel in the 1960’s…seeing something new and all. I believe they are referred to as, “pelvic thrusts.” Well Elvis wouldn’t have been my type anyways so maybe that’s why I don’t get the draw. I don’t like greeeezy hair and I certainly don’t like popped collars alla “Jaeger bombs Chief!” Also, I would be pissed off if some a-hole called me a hound dog. “You ain’t never caught a rabbit?” WTF? Who the F wants to catch a rabbit? Glenn Close??

Tonight was equally as interesting. Don’t take this personal crazy brainwashed Elvis fans…BUT…tonight was better then sitting through “The King.” The mag sent me to the ever-clean Coach House in San Juan. For who? Eric Johnson is his name and at one point I thought it was an instrumental show. But he sings. Reminds me of Steve Winwood…oh damn…showing my age. Anyways, I’m not the biggest fan of the guitar. Well, unless one of my friends is playing it…or one of my friend’s boyfriend’s is playing it…but this guy kicked some ass. In all it was an interesting day with an unexpected happy ending. And who doesn’t like a happy ending? Arigato.


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Sorry it took so long for me to post the crappy pictures my camera took. It was great though in person (as always) sitting in a room with two if the finest men alive…Allen and Mike. Yes, Mike was nice enough to go with me this time to see the Clipper’s lose. What? Did you think the Clipper’s would win like the three a-holes in front of us? Rasheed “Alopecia” Wallace didn’t even play, nor did Rip but with Iverson’s guidance…the Pistons prevailed. haha

What did I learn this fine Sunday you ask or didn’t ask? Some people can SUCK IT and I need a new camera.

My bad…..

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Listen…it’s been one of those weeks where I seriously am just not in the mood to “put it in writing.” I PROMISE (trust me, I’m a mother) that I will post the pictures I took at the Piston’s game tomorrow night. (They aren’t that great really, but what can match the beauty that is seeing The Answer in person?) Tonight I crashed on the couch in the 4th of the 76ers game and woke up just in time to watch J.R. Boo kill it against the Miami Heat…with the help of the other Nuggets. Now, the Pistons game just ended in a loss because they BLEW IT and I am tired. Damn, I’m getting old like Erin. I’ll be putting eye cream on and going to bed. Look for a most exciting post tomorrow…

One guess….

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I’m only going to give you a picture clue of where I am going to be tomorrow…errrr…today. Section 111 (center court)…row 8…oh my goddddd……

Someone looks happy I'll be in the audience....

Someone looks happy I'll be in the audience....


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First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful and safe new years night. I also hope the hang-over’s don’t hurt too much! I didn’t do much last night. I went and had some martinis at Erin’s and came home to watch the 76ers beat the Clips. Of course. On a side note I wish Elton Brand stayed a Clipper. A-hole. Anyways, after that I watched a DVD I just got in the mail, “Take it Like a Man” by Lisa Lampanelli. She is my favorite comic. Look her up on Youtube and sit back and laugh at everything you are too afraid to say. Good times. About a 1/2 bottle of champagne in, I remembered this “chocolate-covered marshmallow snowman” I’d bought from the dollar store for stocking stuffers. Let me explain. On Christmas night (aka the 5th night of Hanukkah) I was in the mood for something sweet. Although I don’t like chocolate too much (unless it’s dressed in a #1 Pistons jersey) I thought about the marshmallow and I went in for the kill. After unwrapping this probably disgusting treat I noticed it looked…well, basically it looked like a piece of shit. Mike was asleep while I was discovering a higher power was telling me NOT to eat this. I immediately thought of floating it in the toilet because at times I think like a 12-year-old boy. Haha, I would have laughed because it looks like a straight up terd. Don’t worry. I hooked you up with a picture of the Mr. Hanky candy…..
Deuce Candy

Deuce Candy

Haha, you didn’t believe me huh?? So…last night I was alone. And tipsy. I decided it was time to prove my point. That I am the Queen when it comes to picking out look-alikes. I hope your new years party was better than mine. But after looking at this picture, how could it be really? After all, it wasn’t that shitty. Bah Dum Dum. (drum sound)

Hiiidddie Ho kids!!

Hiiidddie Ho kids!!